Our Team


Prenatal Care

We are family physicians providing comprehensive prenatal care for low-risk pregnancies

During your pregnancy, we will see you in the clinic: every 4 weeks until 28 weeks, every 2 weeks up to 36 weeks, then weekly until your baby is born

Labour and Delivery

One of our family physician team members is available to you 24h/day and 7days/week at the Labour and Delivery unit at Brampton Civic Hospital. We monitor and manage the progress of your labour, conduct the delivery, provide post partum care for both mom and baby. If any complications arise during the labour or the birth, we consult and transfer care to the obstetrician or pediatrician on-call in the hospital.

Post-Partum Care

We provide immediate post partum care in hospital after delivery and see your back in our offices within 6 weeks after delivery